Have a pickup basketball game at Shores Park, or adore the San Martino Winery & Vineyards that offers tours, concerts, tastings and dinners – The Shores has everything you would want in the heaven.

Nestled on the edge of Rockwall golf course, The Shores is also known as The Original Shores or The Old Shores. The Shores on Lake Hubbard is often referred to as The New Shores. The Old Shores has 350 or so homes in the residential community, whereas The Old Shores has around 1400 homes in the community. The Shores on Lake Ray Hubbard is generally not included in The Shores, but collectively they make a good blend of luxurious living.

Due to its close proximity with the beach, water sports are also popular here. So get ready to dock your boat and rev up the jet-ski’s and have some fun.

Places to Visit and Dine

The Shores is a paradise for wine aficionados and food lovers. You will find a number of bars and eateries in the neighborhood. I would recommend trying out Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza for a little slice of heaven.

The Shores is one of the most beautiful and livable places of the Lone Star State. Apart from eating and drinking hubs, you can also spend time in the Rockwall Golf and Athletic Club. Try out Nineteen, the restaurant in the Athletic Club.

Rockwall Golf and Athletic Club 

The 18-hole golf course at 7,281 yards is one of the favorite places to spend time in the evening. The Rockwall Golf and Athletic Club offers exciting golf opportunities for players with all skill levels. And if you are not interested in playing golf, then you can spend time strolling through the rolling fairways or enjoying the expanse view of Lake Ray Hubbard waters.

The club also has swimming pools and tea areas for making your evenings more wonderful and exciting.


If you want to meet the most energetic and fun loving people you ever imagine, then The Shores is for you! Barbecue parties and community gatherings add value and glamour to The Shore’s nightlife, rather than a late night bar scene.

Real Estate in The Shores

All 350 houses in The Shores represent grand lifestyle and extravaganza of modern living. Most of the homes are constructed with brick and stone. You will find single-family homes in the neighborhood as well and most of the homes are available with 2000+ square feet of living space.

Searching for homes for sale in The Shores is not that difficult but selecting one is definitely a tough job. Most of the homes have elements of luxurious living including swimming pools, built in Jacuzzi and in-house play areas as well.

A majority of homes in The Shores has been upgraded and made energy-efficient. You will find most also have great finishes including granite counter-tops, stainless steel appliances, and hardwood floors. Homes have outdoor seating areas near pools; therefore, family outdoor gatherings around the pool are common. A voluntary group, The Shores Homeowners Association, works to make it an amazing place to call home. Many private groups also offer opportunities and events for social activities in The Shores.

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